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Rosarys Goats Cheese produce a fresh, creamy goat's cheese with a mousse-like texture and a natural acidity. Recent winner of the Supreme Champion Award at the British Cheese Awards 2014. It is made from pasteurised milk, using a microbial rennet, which makes it suitable for vegetarians. Just enough salt is added to enhance its unique flavour, we also product other popular flavours including garlic and herb cheese.
Black pepper cheese

Also available:

 • Black pepper cheese
 • Garlic and herb cheese
 • 100g button
 • 275g log
 • 1kg log

For many years now, Rosary Goats Cheese has relied on local suppliers of goat's milk in Salisbury and has built a reputation for quality and consistency in all aspects of its business.
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We can supply to:

 • Local businesses
 • Restaurants
 • Catering venues
 • Dairy stores
 • Nationwide chains
 • Delicatessens

Although we are based in  Salisbury we supply to businesses across the UK, so whether you run a dairy store, restaurant or catering establishment, we can help. Perfect for vegetarian dishes have a look at our recipe page.

Contact us today and we'll be happy to talk through our products with you and answer any questions that you may have. Or visit our online shop. 
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Goat's cheese with garlic and parsley
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